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New constructions, repair and maintenance

There are 2† projects at the present time.

1. To build a new residence for the nuns on An Kong premises

2. To repair An Kongís Tomb Stone

Nunís residence

There are about 20 nuns studying at our monastery and having difficulty to accommodate them all and is in the same compound with the monks. Fortunately, the good news is that Industrial Farm Corporation return the land to Kyaikalo Phone Gyi Kyaung so we have a new compound divided by the fence for our new nunís residence. When Sayadaw came to Los Angeles, he explained about the necessity of the nunís residence. Since Sayadaw came with his own mission and was very busy, only a few of us had a chance to meet him and donate. The estimated cost to build the residence is about Ks.40,000,000 for the structure alone. This may be† underestimated because it depends on inflation and dollar fluctuation in Myanmar. Those of you donít have a chance to donate yet but like to participate as a descendent of Tan Po Lye may contact the person which the phone #† will b e provided on† the next page. Donors will be listed by family as follows and updated as the information deems available:-

1. Tan Ah Too @ U San Hlaing family:-†††††††††††††††† Ks. 10,000,000.00

2. Tan Eu Gee @ U Hla Win family:-††††††††††††††††††††† $ 5000.00

3. Tan Eu Eng @ U Aung Hla family:-††††††††††††††††††† $ 1000.00

4. Tan Gaik Kwan @ Daw Hla Yee family††††††††††††† Ks. 2,000,000† +†† $ 1000.00

5. Tan Kyu Kwan @ Pearl Khaw family†††††††††††††††† $ 2000.00

Tan Po Lyeís Tomb Stone Repair

There is no estimate for this project yet. I have to consult with the Chinese people from the Chinese Buddhist Temple what to do and how to repair and then need to ask the people who specialized in Chinese Tomb to get the estimate. There are some contribution for this project already. Whoever is interested in contribution to repair, call the local contact.

1. Rosie Tan Yeo and family†††††††††††††††††††††† $ 200.00

2. Lim Swee Hwat and family††††††††††††††††††††† $ 200.00


New Project

Kyaikalo Monastery

†††††††† For these projects, who ever don't have a chance to donate are welcomed and donate

†††††††† as you wish, please see contact page for more information.