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Dr. U Candarvara


For more information please contact Sayadaw at

Phone: 011951635632



Sayadaw is Moguk Vipasana Board member. You can ask Sayadaw any question related to Buddhism and meditation. Sayadaw† is a professor at International University of Buddhism and very good in teaching and explanations. You can arrange any Ah Hloo at Kyaikalo Monastery.


Daw Yuzana Vati


For more information, please contact

Sayalay Daw Yuzana at

Phone: 011951635632 or

hand phone: 0119595105665


Daw Yuzana Vati is also very good in teaching meditation and had a B.A. Burmese major degree. She is very knowledge in spiritual world and can give you advice. She can pray for you with Metta to help you thruí difficult times. She is very well in arranging and organizing the Ah Hloo. Just tell her what you want and she will arrange for you. All you need is enough money.

Kyaikalo Monastery

Julian Tan


For more information regarding the new projects and donation opportunity please contact Julian Tan at

(909) 869 8479



Sonny Yeo


For more information regarding the new project and donation opportunity, you can contact Sonny Yeo as well at

(626) 285 3824



US Local representative for your convenience