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Text Box:                  About Us

At Kyaikalo Kyaung, there are one residing Chief Abbot Moguk Sayadaw Dr. U Candarvara and his assistant chief Nun Daw Yuzana Vati taking care of administration. There have been a lot of land and buildings improvement since Sayadaw and Daw Yuzana came:-

Two stories Buddha Hall which was connected to An Kong’s Kyaung was rebuilt by

Dr. Rosie Tan Yeo’s family. Ground floor is used as Novices dorm.

Sayadaw’s residence Nay La Kyaung was donated by Tan Po Lye’s grand daughter

Drs. Khin San Yee (Ah Kim Ma) and her husband William Myint.

Dhamma Hall donated by public but start up money donated by Dr. Nellie Ko Gyi @

Dr. Phyu Phyu Ko ( Dr. Rosie Tan Yeo’s friend and classmate).

Kyaunksein Zeti ( Jade Stupa) donated by  public and some contribution of Tan Po Lye’s grand daughters, Dr. Khin Thet Maw ( Ah Hwa), Drs. Khin Sann Yee and William Myint and

Dr. Rosie Tan Yeo (Khain Khain) and Sonny Yeo’s (An Tu) family. Zeti treasure contained Relics of Buddha and Arahats donated by Dr. Rosie Tan Yeo.

Female Yogi Dorm, each room donated by the patrons. Dr. Rosie Tan and Sonny Yeo donated one room and westernizes the room for the convenience of foreigners. If you don’t want to spend so much money on hotel accommodation, you can stay at my Yogi room as long as there is no meditation retreat going on.

Male Yogi Dorm, donated by public.

Concrete entry pathway and parking donated by Dr. Rosie Tan Yeo’s family,

Dr. Khin Thet Maw’s family and Dr. Khin San Yee family.

Awisi water well, pump pipeline and water storage concrete tank  donated mainly by

Dr. Rosie Tan Yeo’s family, U Aung Hla’s family and some friends.

Second Awisi well, pump and pipeline donated by U Hla Win (7th son of Tan Po Lye) and

Daw Than Myint family.

Crocodile statue and pool donated by Dr. Rosie Tan and Sonny Yeo family daughter Emerald and son Edmund Yeo. The pictures will be posted in An Kong’s Album as it comes available.

There are activities throughout the year.

1. Meditation retreats

2. Annual nonstop chanting of Pathana

3. Seasonal festivals

Meditation retreats are conducted through out the year especially Thingyan (New Year) and  Waso. Rosie Tan Yeo has donated a Yogi Room furnished to suit the westernized Myanmar and Westerners, Shower stall with water heater and 2 air conditioners, double sinks for morning wash and western toilet.

Annual nonstop chanting of Pathana from December 28 to Jan1.

Seasonal Festivals as it comes, such as Tabaung Pwe, Kason Bayan tree watering festival, Waso Robes offering, Thidingyut and Katina Robes offering etc.

Kyaikalo Monastery