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Kyaikalo Monastery

Tan Po Hlaing’s propagation of Buddhism

Kyaikalo Pone Gyi Kyaung was established by Tan Po Hlaing for propagation of Buddhism. After the residing Abbot passed away, Sayadaw Dr. U Candarvara came to take over the monastery. It is very much invaluable to us to have such a wonderful hard working knowledgeable monk to reside at our Grandfather’s Monastery. He graduated from University of India for his Ph. D. degree. He is also serving as a professor at International Buddha University in Yangon and one of the executive members of the Moguk Vipasana. He has been awarded so many awards by the government for his services and achievements. Under his supervision, there are about 40 monks studying Buddhism. There is also a nun name Daw Yuzana Vati residing at the monastery with her younger student nuns under his supervision and guidance. Daw Yuzana takes care of the festival arrangement with the approval of the Sayadaw. If you like to have more information, contact Sayadaw in Myanmar or Julian .

Kyaikalo Kyaung


Mingaladon Township

Yangon, Myanmar


Phone:  011951635632

Contact infomation:

Text Box:             Kyaikalo Phone Gyi Kyaung established by Tan Po Hlaing

Sayadaw’s residence donated by Drs. Khin San Yee & William Myint

This is a picture of An Kong’s Kyaikalo Kyaung

US Local Representative:-  Julian Tan


Phone:  909-869-8479